Saturday, January 2, 2010

A new year

So in order to give a home to the general creative stuff I do, I decided to put them on a blog. So all the various pictures of foods and deserts I've taken, all the knitted pieces and all the crafty bits of my life now have a home.

The idea of starting a blog is a bit daunting, but I think that documenting my creative output is a good idea, just so that I can be sure that there is something that I am doing with my life that is productive.

That being said today involves:
1) knitting the massive shawl/cape/cowl/thing out of cascade eco-wool (approx. 50% finished - woot!)
2) purchasing a skein of Pearl Ten coloured Malabrigo - this will be fairisle mitts for me
3) attempting the creation of Pates de Fruits (good 'ole fruitpaste for us english speaking folk) which is a kind of fruit jelly candy. My friend Liz and I have been on evening cooking kicks, and it's good to have a partner in crime when trying out new and potentially challenging recipes. My recipe involved Mango Peach flavour while Liz's was the more traditional Apple/Pear combination. Both look delicious and are gently hardening (fingers crossed) in the fridge.

My day also involved a deliciously satisfying dinner of Pork Bone Soup at our local Korean place - Ka-Chi.

Gotta love weekends:)

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