Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fiasco and then some...

To further the Pates De Fruits fiasco, I rejellified the Mango mass with a crap load of gelatine and boiling. Once set the result was a palatable soft soft jelly - almost too soft to be candy:(

The whole thing has made me a little weary of the candymaking, but I haven't given up yet, and will try again when I have some more time.

In the mean time I was having a wardrobe meltdown yesterday because I didn't fit into any of my work clothes (probably because I'm eating too many things like Pates De Fruits) and I have a formalish work function.

I got it set in my head to try and make a black bubble skirt (to stylishly go with a button up shirt?) I pulled out the sheers and ruler, and luckily I had some black twill at home (which I wanted to make sleeves out of... long story) so I went to work. I took the circumference of my favorite dress and measured my waist and got to work. The result: a servicable gathered skirt that resembles a 1950's standard.

I'll be at a work conference for the next 2 1/2 days, which means I won't have any crafty things to do for the next while:(

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