Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Afternoon

Theres a couple of things that are on my "Want List' - that require quite a bit of time and dedication. The first being a cedar chest, which I think will be a really good way to store my knitwear safely from mites and moths.  I don't have any of the critters lurking around, but I'm always so worried about them, so short of a freezer, I think a cedar chest would be a good idea.

I've also been on an organization kick -I decorated my front wall (which I originally wanted to wallpaper) but I used a shadow box and some hooks instead.  Heres the shadowbox with all the teeny little perfumes and some nice spools of thread.

I also have the hangers pictured here....

The next project is to tackle this big TV cabinet- which is infinitely usefull and just the right size, but it's just so damn ugly!

Yeah... what to do...  I think I'm going to paint it a dove grey colour, and hang a curtain over the bottom 2 shelves (to hide the dvd player and stereo) and I am going to walpaper the outside of the cabinet. I think that might make it less ugly and more useful.

In other events, this little old shoestore in Roncesvalles has been purchased by this artist, and with the store came over 10,000 pairs of vintage shoes!  He's hawking them off for $10 a pair - and there are some total gems to be found!

I got these...  Navy blue pumps in size 7 WIDE!!! :D

And also a tan pair of peeptoes...

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Tuesday Missed

I missed stitch n bitch today in lieu of Pizza and Poker with the work mates (a planned work event, not a spur of the moment thing) but I didn't miss out in doing something crafty -
here's the Amigurumi Mouse that I will be teaching at the Knit cafe this Thursday.
I noticed that during last week's class my students were totally rocking the circles - which makes me really happy and excited about going 3-D with the Amigurumi.

this and the Owl Beanie pattern will be posted shortly on Ravelry. Righto - off to bed now:)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Most Productive Day... Ever.

I took a vacation day from work to get a few things done. Firstly, I needed to go to the bank really badly and had been putting it off for about 4 months now.  I also needed a massage, especially for my shoulders as sitting at a computer 10 hours a day has been reaking havoc on my back muscles.

Besides the practical, I've been up to a lot of my ownsome today - I took a trip up to Knitomatic as I never venture north of Dupont and I thought that it would be good for me to get out a bit.  Bad because I spent some more $, but good because I found a few yarny treats -

Some Ella Rae yarn which I'll admit was a bit steep, but it was so pretty I could make something springy out of it... I also got some dyes...
In moss green and delphinium blue.  I figure you can't go wrong with those colours, even though it's really tricky to tell what your finished project looks like when dying with food colouring.

In addition to my recent purchases, I also modified an extra large Mens Teeshirt that I bought at bluenotes with my friend Robbie a few months ago.  Instead of a manly looking tee it's a servicable tshirt dress and a good enough length to wear with some leggings out and about town.  Going to see a movie later today, so all in all a really great day off!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


I finally spent the time to take a few pictures of some things that I am working on. Firstly is this fancy snap purse that I used some of the fabric that I bought at the workroom the other day -

I wasn't that crazy about the snap coin part, as it was really hard to squish down, even using those fancy nylon pliers. Thinking that doing some web research on how to insert these properly will help.  I was also having some fun swith stitching around the edges. All in all really pretty.

Here  is another pic against my hand quilting....

I think I'll make a few of these, as I think they're fun, but maybe as little presents. I could fill them with crafty goodness.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Feeling sick today so I decided to use my downtime wisely and start a crochet cloche as a sample for my crochet class. Who knew malabrigo would be so lovely to work with? It almost made my headache go away. I'll put up posts soon. I'm sorry blog for neglecting you. Soon I'll have lots more crafty things, just you wait!